Frequently Asked Questions


    1. Mission to assist Business Owners in shifting online for Free
    2. MDL (My Delivery List) is a Free Listing directory of Food / Fresh Food / Groceries etc related platform 
    3. Basically it’s a landing page to display essential product/food
    4. MDL Service include door-to-door delivery by our local delivery boy
  1. Free My-List
    Easy to register and list your business for Free!
  2. Premium Promotion
    Get prominent views by subscribing to Premium Listing or Advertisement
  3. All-in-One
    List, Promote and Receive payment online for your business 
  4. Free-Site
    Free landing page for your business instantly
  5. Delivery
    Subscribe to My Delivery Service door-to-door delivery
  6. No-lockdown
    Choose your own delivery service or the payment method
  1. Bukit Mertajam
  2. Butterworth 
  3. Penang Island soon
  1. Search the keyword and select the categories 
  2. TOP LISTING section will have the complete overview
  1. Click on the Store Vendor that sell online 
  2. Add to cart the essential item 
  3. Checkout & make payment via Credit Card/ Debit card / FPX
  4. Charges include item ordered + Delivery Fees + 6% SST 
  5. You will be receiving email confirmation once payment made
  6. Delivery note will be sent for your tracking purposes 
  7. Live delivery is available by downloading the Detrack app (app store link)
  1. Your items will be delivered within the same day, usually within hours 
  2. Feel free to call customer service number at (phone) 
  3. Delivery hours is from 10am to 7pm (subject to changes)
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Your refund will be processed as per policy of credit card or FPX

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  1. MDL uses car to deliver items safely that emphasize on hygiene 
  2. Delivery will only be made by MDL Staff, not 3rd party unknown rider


  1. Listing is the directory of essential Food/item  
  2. Register & apply as Author (Contributor) to List your Store
  3. Any related business owner could registration & List for Free
  4. Listing & Store Vendor are not the same
  5. Customer can order and bank transfer payment directly to you
  6. The Bank Transfer payment method is Free
  1. Register – Apply as Author – List your item
  2. Registration is immediate using an email account
  3. Listing approval takes between 24 – 72 hours
  1. Listing approval takes between 24 – 72 hours
  2. Once approved, the Listing will be listed  on home page
  1. Upgrade anytime to Premium Listing (RM4.99 per month)
  2. Advertise is available at RM14.99 per month (home page hero banner)
  1. Any essential item such as Food / Fresh Food / Groceries / Personal Care Products


  1. After signing up Free account, apply as Author (Contributor)
  2. Add Listing before paying for the Premium Listing (featured)
  1. Normal Listing & Registration as Author (Contributo) is 100% Free 
  2. Premium Listing is RM4.99 per month (non-contract)
  1. RM14.99 per month (non-contract)
  2. Renew every month to continue Advertising
  1. Artwork file size should not exceed 150KB with 1280px x 600px resolutions
  2. File must be saved in JPEG format

Yes, there will be additional RM35 per artwork


  1. As Store Vendor, you’re allowed to market & sell products on MDL
  2. Customer can order by making bank transfer payment directly to you 
  3. There won’t be any charges for  Bank transfer 
  4. Transaction fees (credit / debit card FPX) at only 18% per order
  1. RM4.99 per Vendor per month (30 days) during promotional period
  2. Transaction fees is applicable at 18% off the item costing, excluding delivery charges 
  3. Lower transaction fees will be applied for Sales volume exceeding 30k per month

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