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About us – MyDeliverylist

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Combining Online & Offline business model People order online & MDL delivers to your doorstep Listing of Companies (SME & SMI) that accept payment online

Order Online 24-hour

Order Online anytime, anywhere Restricted movement or mobility situation


Safety first, Minimize contagion of disease risk


User can Compare pricing, Find Better Offers and get Rewards


All-in-one platform, Saves time, Hassle-free, Great choices of selection


Find & track order status Track Shipping



how can you earn money…

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Get a Free landing page for your business instantly

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Choose your own delivery service or the payment method

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List first, now is the time to think until you decide how to go about
Offline or face-to-face way of the transaction not possible during this Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic.
Time to act is extremely limited! Tough time requires smart and timely action to fulfill different market needs.
MCO has immobilized or restricted the movement of people. While the safety concern escalated the needs to find businesses that deliver to doorstep.